Submissions and Changes


Photo by Keilidh Ewan on Unsplash

There are moments of the day when the bumblebees waddle across garden blossoms and a warm wind stirs the cottonwood leaves, but the weatherman assures me it is autumn and I have set my pumpkin out, accordingly. On this cusp of summer and autumn, heat and cool, the Vortex is transitioning, too. Some of our former staff members have graduated, and we’ve acquired a few new faces that I’ll be introducing you to in the coming weeks. The website is changing, too, moving from one hosting platform to another, and in the next few days it should be up and running.

This will mark the first year Vortex makes our online editions available for purchase, to be shipped out as physical copies direct from Issuu. Both current and past editions should be available for purchase, and the proceeds from these sales will go directly back into supporting the Vortex and helping us to bring great events and projects to the UCA campus.

This will also be the first year Vortex offers merchandise through the online shop, Redbubble, with the proceeds from that going to support the Vortex, as well. We plan to offer stickers, shirts, mugs…all shipped directly from Redbubble to ensure that we offer all needed sizes and colors on demand.

Most importantly, the Vortex is now accepting submissions for our Autumn Online edition. All submissions must be from currently enrolled UCA students, and every accepted piece is automatically considered for publication in the spring print edition. We can’t wait to see the amazing work UCA students put out this year.


Ashley Nicole Hunter

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