Vortex Staff 2021-2022

Editor-in-Chief / Gabrielle Elaine Thurman

Associate Editor / Annie Grimes

Layout Editor / Paige Hooten

Copy Editor / Asher Baldwin

Social Media and Marketing Manager / Lindsey Witting

Art Editor / Ireanna Rogers

Art Judges / Jaxton Johnson, Kayla Roat, Aislinn Camden, Lindsey Witting, Asher Baldwin

Digital Media Editor / Courtney Starlard

Digital Media Judges / Tyberius Real, Lindsey Witting, Asher Baldwin

Fiction Editor / Stephanie Meador

Fiction Readers / Jaxton Johnson, Maci England, Marshall Cunningham, Katy Reagan, Carraig Craun, Haley Riggs, Allison Chamberlain, Alyssa Donato, T Jones, Kayla Roat

Nonfiction Editor / Kristina Jones

Nonfiction Readers / Haley Riggs, Allison Chamberlain, Alyssa Donato, Nathaniel Aleshire

Poetry Editor / Nicole Vincent

Poetry Readers / Faith Gaston, Macklin Luke, Tyberius Real, Maci England, Marshall Cunningham, Katy Reagan, Carraig Craun, T Jones, Aislinn Camden, Kammi Wofford

Script Editor / Cody Tigue

Script Readers / Nathaniel Aleshire

Faculty Advisors / Mark Spitzer and John Vanderslice

Mark Spitzer is a creative writing professor who specializes in poetry, creative nonfiction, and environmental subject matter. He teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses at UCA and is recognized as an authority on the subject of “monster fishing.” Of the thirty books he has published, recent ones include Investigative Creative Writing: Teaching and Practice (a creative writing pedagogy book published by Equinox Ltd), In Search of Monster Fish (nonfiction, U of Nebraska Press) and Beautifully Grotesque Fish of the American West (nonfiction, U of Nebraska Press). Forthcoming titles include Poetry Land (poetry, Salmon Press), and the edited collection The Best of the Sucks: High-Octane Poetix from the Legendary Toad Suck Review (MadHat). More info at
John Vanderslice teaches both graduate and undergraduate students in UCA’s Creative Writing program. His teaching interests include fiction writing, travel writing, and playwriting. His stories, essays, poems, and one-act plays have appeared widely in creative journals, including Sou’wester, Seattle Review, Notre Dame Review, South Carolina Review, and South 85. His recent books include a short story collection called Island Fog (Lavender Ink, 2014) and the historical novel The Last Days of Oscar Wilde (Burlesque Press, 2018). He has also had several one-act plays produced onstage. His novel Nous Nous will be published by Braddock Avenue Books in 2021. More information about him can be found at You can read his blog Payperazzi at